Once I was servicing my inverter. After finishing the job, I absentmindedly put the plug of the inverter into its power socket instead of putting the plug into the electric socket. When I put the inverter on, there was a kit-kit sound. I switched it off immediately.
Absent-mindedness continues to ride on our shoulders all the time. As soon as we go off guard, it blurs our eyes and highjacks our mind. So we need to be vigilant all the time to save ourselves from its mischief. Here are some time-tested ways to fight absent-mindedness.
1. Take enough rest and sleep.
2. Practice inhaling deeply.
3. Decide a place for putting a thing.
4. Write things down. Maintain a to-do list in black and white.
5. When you are introduced to a new person, repeat his name time and again.
6. Associate names with some peculiarity of a face.

7. Always keep in mind that absent-mindedness is riding on your shoulders all the time. It will blur your eyes and highjack your mind, as soon as you go off guard.
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