Our, Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi led the world’s biggest peaceful movement to free our Mother India. He led simple and illiterate masses to fight against the mighty British Empire, but never complained that more than ninety percent of his followers were illiterate. He got incredible results from whatever resources were available to him.
Shri Ram vanquished the arrogant Ravan with the army of monkeys.
 Bhuvan(Amir Khan) made a cricket team of novice villagers in one of the biggest blockbusters “Lagan,” and defeated the skilled but complacent English team. The film “Lagan” became so much popular among Management Gurus that some of them advised their students to view “Lagan” to learn Management lessons. I attended a training program on Managerial Development Program at Lucknow in July 2012. One fantastic trainer, Mr. Abhay Singh showed us some video clips of the Lagan to explain many management lessons. One may find a good number of  Management lessons from film Lagan on the internet.

In the famous best-selling book “One Minute Manager,” the learned authors Mr. Kenth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson exhorted readers to spare one minute daily to look on the people they manage and realize that they are most valuable resources of the organization.
There is one popular idiom which says,” A bad workman quarrels with his tools.”

Let’s stop cursing our tools. Able leaders often get astounding results with simple tools.
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