“I thought” is another useless, time wasting and a destructive phrase like ” Just for…..”. Many of us don’t explore all possibilities;  many of us don’t do due diligence but just make baseless assumptions and take a particular course of action. Later on, we exclaim in a resigned tone, oh I just THOUGHT!

One fine morning my wife didn’t give me the lunch box; she innocently explained,” I thought, there would be a feast today in your office.” 
” Are you a magician?”, I asked jokingly. She defended,” Today is a special day.” That Tuesday was, of course, a special day, but nonvegetarians shifted lunch party to Wednesday, so  I didn’t tell her to skip the lunch box, nor did she ask me, Although I enjoyed my lunchtime by relishing tasty Pao-Bhaji at Banshee Sweets. Perhaps my wife took the shield of cliché “I thought” to save her from cooking lunch due to other engagements.
Once we issued notices to the loan repayment defaulters; an innocent looking young borrower called on me and defended,” Sir, I THOUGHT, the bank has waived my loan” I asked politely,” Sir, did bank give you any no dues letter?” He replied in negative.
 Perhaps he took the shield of cliché “I thought” to save himself from the pain of repaying loan installments from his small income. But now he was spending sleepless nights to avoid legal action.
So “I THOUGHT” is another dangerous, destructive and time-wasting phrase like “Just for….” 
Avoid it even in your dreams and act only on the basis of adequate due diligence.

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