The change is the universal law. Everything changes except the law of change.
A skilled & fast driver is one of the best Change Managers. Everything continuously changes before him. He keeps all his senses alert. His nose detects any smell in the vehicle. It may be a small fuel leakage or a burning thing that can be a reason of an accident. His eyes & ears are fully alert to the fast-changing traffic. His hands & legs automatically move to take right decisions. As soon as he observes a small child on the road, his right leg automatically pushes the brake. He always maintains a sufficient safety margin and makes double sure before making any move.
He is always conscious of the fact that his fellow drivers may commit mistakes. So he is always alert and takes immediate remedial steps to avert accidents. He decides within fractions of a second. His sub-conscious mind & reflexes are perfectly trained to take fast as well as accurate decisions.
The skilled & fast driver has a very clear vision of his destination, and he continuously advances towards it. He drives slowly when there is much traffic on the road. He increases speed as soon as his path becomes vacant. “Moving fast with a sense of urgency & calm nerves.” is always his motto.
After all, his passengers want to reach their destinations safely in time. 

Let us become active Change Managers to continue to grow in this sharp competitive world. Let’s move fast with a sense of urgency & calm nerves. Let us maintain sufficient safety margin & make ourselves double sure before taking any decision.
 A fast & skilled driver continuously trains his subconscious mind & reflexes by continuous practice & repetition. We may also become an effective & fast change Manager by adopting the same process. 

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