Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

My one bosom friend Shri Shankar Pandey was Senior Manager at Punjab National Bank, Gopalganj in 2009. I was then Senior Manager of BO Pankaj Market, Muzaffarpur. We were expecting Rs 5 Crores from a Government Department.The BO Gopalganj was to get around 1.5 Crore out of that fund. Shri Pandey was lagging behind Rs. 1 Crore from his annual deposit target. He almost twice telephoned me to know about the fund. He also used to discuss his efforts to garner Rs. One crore from other sources also.
 I admonished him caringly,” Why are you contacting various departments restlessly to garner one crore when I shall surely remit you Rs. One crore fifty lacs.” He immediately retorted,” Uttam Babu, I have never missed my deposit target. So I am working on plan ‘B’ too.” 
I was very much impressed by his hunger after targets. Once he managed to get one cheque of Rs. 107 Crores from the education department Siwan. He was also joint secretary of our officers’ association AIPNBOA. He made our organization robust during his tenure. He is also a human man and helps his friends and neighbors in need. 
 His better half Dr. Sushila Pandey, the ex-principal of an Inter College, received prestigious President Award in 2010. Both are very hard working, and the whole family is addicted to success.
Heather Bresch rightly said,” There is no substitute for hard work when it comes to achieving success.”
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