Once I viewed the great blockbuster Lagaan. 
 Bhuvan alone dared to accept the gauntlet thrown by the haughty Russel. All the villagers of Champaner were dead against forming a cricket team, of novice villagers, for challenging the skilled English team. But Bhuvan had a vision; he had will power, and he had firm determination. He narrated benefits and comforts that will be theirs after getting tax exemption. First Tipu volunteered to play in his team. Soon Bagha and Ghuran followed. Gradually the number of players started increasing. Deva came from Punjab with the sole motive to thrust a crushing defeat on the British. Even the Captain Russel’s sister, Elizabeth was attracted to the noble cause and started teaching cricket to Bhuvan’s team. 

A superb magnet has an irresistible attraction power.  The great magnetic personalities attract the masses for worthy causes.
Bhuvan of film “LAGAN”  had a pleasing personality as well as an indomitable will power. He showered love, regard, affection and good will on everybody he met. He had a clear vision to get three years tax exemption for the whole state. He promptly declared,” In the impending threat, there is a marvelous opportunity of getting three years tax exemption.” He tried to find a way amid difficulties, and his goal was for the benefit of the whole village. He continuously repeated his goal to keep the villagers motivated,” There will be three years tax exemption if we win otherwise we will be forced to pay the triple tax.” 
 Thus he became a powerful magnet.
Management lessons from Lagaan are taught at many places. We, too, may learn lessons of leadership, team building, etc. from this great film.  
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