I had a fad for opening bank accounts in my student life. The minimum amount required for opening a saving account was just five bucks. I opened accounts in all two banks and the post office in Mehsi. I kept all my passbooks together and showed them with pride.
 When I got a job in Punjab National Bank, I got out of touch with banks and the post office in Mehsi. Slowly my accounts became inoperative, and the amount lying in them was forfeited.

Even now I have a hobby of opening emotional accounts with the persons I meet. 
 These heart-warming accounts are like overdrafts of banks. They can be either in debit balance or in credit balance.
 When I appreciate my friend and support him in his excellent works or sympathize with him in his hardships, a good number of emotional currency got credited to his heart’s account for me. When I criticize someone, ask a favor or give some burden on my friend, my account balance of emotional currency in his heart account got debited. 
The formula of becoming rich is same in all endeavors- Accumulate and preserve as much as possible. So admire superior virtues of your friends, support them in their noble causes, and always appear first to wipe their tears away. Never forget to ask about their welfare off and on.
 You will be amassing huge emotional currency in their heart’s accounts. The great leaders like Mr. Narendra Modi, Barack Obama, and Vladimir Putin know the art of depositing a large number of emotional currencies in the hearts of masses.

The good news is that we don’t need any capital to start becoming a multi billionaire in emotional currency.  We neither need to pay any tax on it. We may start just now and start amassing an enormous wealth of emotional currency.
 A multi-billionaire in emotional currency may start getting other things like real money, a grand success, etc. effortlessly.

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