One is either left handed or right handed. The left-handers are guided by their right brains, and the right-handers are guided by their left brains. Thus both left handers and right handers use only 50% of their brain.

One of the founders of United States of America  Mr. Benjamin Franklin was also ambidextrous.

Sachin Tendulkar writes with the left hand but batted and bowled with the right hand. Saurabh Ganguli bowled from the right hand and batted from the left hand. Typists, knitters, musicians, etc. use their both hands with equal ease. I use both hands in my daily chores since I suffer from frozen left shoulder.
 My doctor told me that left frozen shoulder might have resulted from less use of left hand. Moreover using both hands simultaneously increases my efficiency also but I don’t bother too much about being ambidextrous and do it in symphony with my psych and soul.

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