My friend Praveen Jee was going to office by his bike.   A man riding his bicycle came at once before the bike from a by lane. In a desperate attempt to save him, Pravin Jee dashed his bike against an iron gate and fell. He sustained enough injuries to be confined to bed for three days.        

Once I was going to Bairiya Bus Stand, Muzaffarpur via Sutapatti. The road of Sutapatti consists of many by-lanes. A small lovely girl riding on her trendy bicycle came at once from a by lane and dashed against my bike in the center.Everything happened in a fraction of the second, so I lost balance and fell on the ground. The girl also fell. The nearby people rushed and helped us. Fortunately, none of us was injured since the bike was dead slow. 
I learned my lesson after that unfortunate incident. I avoid roads which consist of numerous by lanes. I prefer to travel on main roads. I remain extra cautious and use horn discreetly while driving in residential areas since there are lots of by lanes.
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