A few days ago a smart young lady called on me and informed that she received a mobile call purportedly from the bank. The caller asked her debit card number and PIN (Personal Identification Number). She smelled a rat and refused to oblige. But the caller insisted that bank needed this information urgently else, her account would be blocked. So the lady relented and gave her husband’s mobile number to the caller.
Her husband is a defence personnel. His mobile rang when he was travelling in a train. The caller asked the debit card number and its PIN urgently. The military man first hesitated, but when the caller threatened him that his account might be blocked in the absence of the required information, he gave in. The fraud caller withdrew almost all the amount from his saving fund account.

 Please always keep in mind that your bank never asks your debit card or credit card No., password, PIN, or any information related to your card. If anybody asks such information, please inform the law enforcing agencies or nearest cyber crime cell. 
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