My experience endorses the famous Urdu proverb,” Bhole-Bhale Chehre wale, hote hain Qaatil bhee.” (Innocent looking faces are murderers also.) 

Swindlers and con men often feign innocence to win your confidence. They look too much innocent. They appreciate your good qualities. They show too much regard for you. You start thinking that this fellow is really nice. You start believing them & become careless.  Then they dupe you and become traceless.

When someone is ever ready to help you; when someone is too much appreciative of your good qualities; when someone is showing too much regard for you; when someone is looking too much innocent, be extra vigilant, he may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 
Now a day’s wolves are enrolling ladies in their gangs to exploit the general belief that persons with family can be relied upon surely. Real looking wolves scare us and make us cautious; wolves in sheep’s clothing often succeed in duping us. All nasha khurani Group and ATM fraud criminals approach their victims in sheep’s clothing. First they earn confidence then they loot.

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