Meditation is the focussing of the mind on some object. If the mind acquires concentration on one object, it can be so concentrated on any object whatsoever.          SWAMI VIVEKANAND.

When we talk of the concentration of mind, some of us get bogged down. However, we may develop the concentration in funny ways also.
Have you observed a group of people? Some of them spontaneously smile, some become gloomy. Their facial expression changes according to the thoughts coming into their mind. We may consciously modify the process.
My one colleague Mr. X always remained upset. This affected performance of my department also. Once I invited Mr. X to have a cup of tea with me. I asked him politely,” Why are you always upset?”
He started telling me about all the unfortunate things that had happened in his life. I heard him patiently. When he got exhausted, I asked him to recall a recent event that made him happy. First, he could find none. But on my persistent, friendly goading, he related a happy event.
 Recently his brother-in-law presented a bicycle to his daughter. His daughter was euphoric along with his son. On seeing his both the offspring elated he also became happy. His wife prepared delicious dinner consisting of chicken curry, fried rice and other mouth watering dishes. His whole family enjoyed the yummy meal. 
Now I asked,” How are you feeling?” He accepted with hesitation that he was feeling fine.”
Try to recall any happy event of your life. Practice concentrating on that happy event only. You will enjoy the whole experience tremendously. Initially, it will be difficult to focus on even a happy event, but you may master the art with practice.

 While discussing a problem with friends, adopt the same technique. First, resolve one issue, and then present another problem. The productivity of your department will improve drastically with concentrated efforts.

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