‘You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear.’
Sherlock Holmes Quote
One must develop keen observation power to reap superb successes in life. 
A leading advocate finds a few tiny flaws in opposition’s case and clinches it. A sharp detective discovers smallest clues left by the criminals and arrests them. A genius scientist observes an insignificant phenomenon and makes great inventions or discoveries; Newton saw an apple falling from a tree and discovered the gravitational power.
 Nurturing a keen observation power is a child’s play. Observe a person with full concentration while talking to him; appreciate excellent things found, later on, discuss or write,” What was the color of that person’s dress? What were the distinct marks on his face?”
 While visiting a place observe all the details including minor one; Recollect later on what you observed there.
 Find what you missed during your first visit when you revisit the same location. This simple technique will increase your observation power with supersonic speed. You will also get a sharp memory as a bonus.
To make the game more interesting and lively, you may relate and discuss your observations with your friends.
 Have you ever tried to recollect all the articles and their placement in your bedroom? Do it and you will be amazed.

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