Mock tests keep us fit to cope with real emergency situations.
 Sincere students do a lot of mock tests before entering the examination hall for true trials.
  Our troops do test firing so that they could hit targets correctly when war breaks out.

  Our security officer advised doing mock tests of fire extinguishers at the time of refilling it so that we could use it smoothly in an emergency.

 Once I realized the importance of mock tests near the busiest Gandhi Setu, I was going to Patna to attend a reception party. The left front tire of the car went flat just ahead of the Gandhi Setu in Agamkuan. I was accompanied by two 60 years, old friends. We were nervous to see the flat tire. We searched a mechanic but could find none. So I decided to change the flat tire myself. I took out jack and put it under the car. I had not changed any flat tire since 2001. So I put the jack upside down. When I took out the flat tire, the Jack became unbalanced. Shri B.K.Shrivastav immediately lifted a big piece of rock and put it under the car’s hood while Shri Anil Singh was trying to lift the vehicle. But our efforts were futile; we were thoroughly exhausted. At once  I saw three young men on the road. I requested them for help. They came and lifted the car for a few minutes while chanting, “Allah O Akbar.” I could not even fit the extra wheel due to darkness as well as unpreparedness. One young man took the Stepney from my hands and installed it within minutes. They asked,” Uncle, do you need anything more.” I replied in the negative while thanking them and God for sending angels to help us. I also took a vow to do mock tests regularly for anticipated emergency situations.  

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