Beware, negative emotions are more dangerous than the opium.

 Transactional Analysis theory states,”Our mind consists of 3 ego states. The CHILD, PARENT, nd ADULT.

(1) The CHILD- Some childlike and childish qualities become part and parcel of our personalities.

(2) The PARENT- Our parent figures continuously give instructions. We promptly comply with most of them. This is why many irrelevant traditions are carried  from genaration to generation.

(3) The ADULT- As we grow up, we start thinking rationally discard most of childish qualities. We also question many parents’ instructions. For example Sati System was being carried from generation to generation. People even did not question it’s propriety and mercilessly burnt the widows alive as they learnt it from their ancestors.
 Thus they were under the influence of PARENT ego state. Raja Ram Mohan Rai, in his ADULT ego state, questioned its propriety and fought to make the Sati System illegal.

Our ADULT ego state gets decommissioned when we are in any emotion i.e. either in love, hate, anger, depression, fear, greed, over enthusiasm etc. We may harm ourselves and others in negative emotions. So the best course of action will be to avoid any action in  emotions.We must wait for emotions to calm down. In the mean time we may talk with our close friends to take their advice, enjoy music, movies etc. Taking long and deep breaths also calms down emotions. 

Fraudsters raise emotions of  confidence, greed or fear before duping us. Hitler gave emotional speeches to make people mad of hatred.
A smoke detector warns us as soon as it detects smoke. Similarly we must continuously monitor the thoughts in our mind and take preventive measures when negative emotions trap us.
 Too much positive emotions such as over confidence, over enthusiasm, craziness in love etc are worse than negative emotions.   

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