Try again; you have millions of alternatives.
— Israelmore Ayivor, Dream Big!
 Our mind incessantly produces ideas based on our experience, attitude, and learning; many persons embrace even the silliest ones, first crossing their minds, but if we refuse to hug the first ones and seek more alternatives, our subconscious mind happily gives more and more.

Whenever I decide to solve a problem, I always brainstorm for more and more solutions.
 I always ask,” Can there be another solution?”  I also urge my colleagues to suggest suitable alternatives and discuss all feasible solutions with them. Then we select the best one.
 For example, I and my friend Mr. N.K.Mehta wanted to purchase a plot of land. We visited many plots in Muzaffarpur but did not find them worth buying. We asked many friends and acquaintances for help.  Finally, our senior Mr. B.K.Srivastav informed that PNB staff members were purchasing a big piece of land near Patna to develop a PNB housing colony. We finally decided to ride the bandwagon.

However, allot time to explore alternatives according to the importance of a problem. If you wish to have a dinner in a good restaurant, apparently you will spend less time in exploring options than a person who is searching a suitable bride for his smart son.
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