A woman filed a false and fabricated rape case against the then Speaker of Bihar Assembly, Shri Sadanand Singh in 2002. Her husband was an alleged kidnapper and was arrested just one day ago in a kidnapping case related to a close relative of Shri Singh.
Above incident shows blatant boldness of the law abusers who don’t spare even high dignitaries; what will happen to the common man?
A large number of persons are facing trials in false criminal cases, and suffering a lot. It is very easy to file a false case against anybody. A rascal just manages two other rascals as witnesses, and that is all.
 Therefore lots of miscreants are using this as a tool to harass and blackmail innocent citizens.

“Equality before the law and equal protection of law” is one of the objectives of our Constitution. So it is high time that the Government starts prosecuting false complainants and witnesses effectively.
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