In olden days, kings always carried swords and arrows. They killed their enemies as soon as they found the rascals; if an enemy was too powerful, they waited for the right time to finish the son of a bitch.
 However, the Kings didn’t sit idle; they sent their spies in enemy’s camp and tried to purchase their allies; they continuously strived to weaken their enemy by hook or by crook. The shrewd monarchs always kept track of all their enemies and annihilated them systematically one by one.
We, too, are no less than any warrior; when we leave the bed, we find many works to be done. We must finish them, then and there, if some work looks too mind boggling, bide your time, wait for the right time and finish it promptly. In the meantime, please don’t sit idle but do something daily towards completion of the task. Always keep in mind,” Inch by inch; anything is  a synch.” Whatsoever mighty the tree may be, if you axe daily for a fixed time, it will certainly fall, one day.
 Keep track of all the works to be done by preparing “TO DO LIST” and annihilate them systematically and promptly. The more jobs you finish, the more success will hug you.
If you ignore the works, you confront every day; they will become the nastiest bastards; they will swallow your day’s happiness and night’s sleep.
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