You must be wondering I am talking about what nonsense? However, it is painfully true that we often hoodwink ourselves. Many of us harm ourselves much more than what our worst enemies can do.
 A drug, alcohol or nicotine addict inflicts upon himself deadly diseases such as liver cirrhosis, cancer, etc.

   Even Smugglers and criminals practice honesty very meticulously in their Profession. Dishonest crooks are mercilessly annihilated in crime syndicates.
 Who would like to keep a black sheep in his company?
 The companies like TATA, Maruti, Microsoft, who honestly give maximum value to their customers for the minimum possible price, are thriving by leaps and bound.
 Thus, honesty rules high in this world, being widely perceived as dishonest.
Everybody must completely and continuously be honest both with himself and with others. If someone becomes dishonest with others, the society mocks at the crook, but if someone is dishonest with himself, life ridicules him, and he will never make his dreams true.
It is high time that we honestly fulfill all those promises that we make to ourselves. However, we must be selective in making promises. The commitments must be so demanding that we make extra efforts to fulfill them but impossible resolutions like reaching on the moon in one hour, serve no purpose but lower our morals. 
 Grenville Kleiser rightly told,” By constant Self Discipline and Self Control One can develop greatness of character.”
 Let’s start to fly high in the sky of super success with the strong wings of Self Discipline & Self Control. Amen.

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