The strong leaders give credit to others for successes and take responsibility themselves for failures. After 1977 debacle in general elections, Mrs. Indira Gandhi herself took all the responsibility for the massive defeat of the Congress party. Her action was widely appreciated. 
The influential leaders also have the amazing quality of giving credit of achievements to their team members.
I learned this trait very early. But, once I found myself in a very bizarre situation.

The great leader sipped all the venom of the ocean churning and gave the nectar to Gods

I was newly married and was going to my inlaw’s home first time.  Since I was a novice in purchasing cloth, I took help of a married friend in buying a lovely yellow Saree for my wife; she was delighted. I gave credit to my friend,” Actually this Saree has been selected by Arun Jee.”
 My wife got very upset and complained bitterly, “You delegated purchase of my Saree also.” I had no option but to clarify that actually, I did the purchasing myself, my friend just accompanied me.
So when your position is not vulnerable as a strong leader, you may give credit to your team members for achievements and discredit yourself for lapses. Your team members need your emotional support and backing. They always tend to flock around strong leaders.
But when emotions are involved, kindly desist from this good habit.
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