We can improve our personality by adopting two methods, either by changing our thoughts or by changing our actions.
Recall the famous adage,” Show a thought, reap an act; show an act, reap a habit; show a habit, reap a character; show a character, and reap your destiny.”

 However, the thought processes are so subtle that one may not have complete control over them. Therefore, the wise exhorted to read good books and interact with optimists.

 But positive thinkers may not always be with us to protect us from the onslaught of negative thoughts.
 Negative thoughts bow our heads down before attacking us.
 Therefore, always hold your head high and keep your chest straight to stop the onslaught of negative thoughts. 
  Hold your head high to stop depressing thoughts.
Hold your head high to prevent absent-mindedness.
Hold your head high and fly in the sky of positivity.
The world has high regards for positive thinking and positive acting persons.

P.S. Holding your head high and chest straight, facilitates good posture, too, and wards off spondylitis, back pain, etc.

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