Once my junior colleague X got flustered with me and lightly snubbed me; my immediate reaction was to teach him a perfect lesson. But I refrained myself from overreacting.
  After cooling down, I realized’” I am only an average human being out of trillions of people residing on this small earth compared to the vast galaxy.This great universe neither starts from me nor ends with me.”
 My colleague X is a nice gentleman; he had supported me on numerous occasions. However, he was nervous and restless on that particular day due to an acute connectivity problem. Naturally, he lost his self-control a little.Therefore I decided to give him moral support. I told my friend Y, who is a very supportive person, to accompany and support X as far as possible.
Next day I called on X in office and asked with affection,” How he is?” I sympathized with him for acute connectivity problem that ground everything to a halt yesterday. He replied with all courtesy and good will.
Earlier I used to make a scene in similar circumstances and tried to teach such persons a lesson so that others dare not misbehave with me. But now there was a paradigm shift that satisfied all concerned. 
My elder brother-in-law used to exclaim, “I became matured at 50, Uttam Jee will attain maturity at 60.” I appear to have achieved it at 54 years itself. What a good news! Ha! Ha! Ha!
We don’t extract our teeth for biting our tongue; we don’t throw our bike if it stops working in the midway. Then why should we sour a good friendship for trivial matters?

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