“Procrastination is the thief of time.”, The wise exhorted. 
 I too wrote an article,” FINISH THE TASKS AT THE EARLIEST.” and DRIVE PROCRASTINATION AND INDECISION AWAY FOREVER. But alas, I, too, became a victim of procrastination even then.
My mother was admitted, one by one, to three hospitals for the treatment of liver cancer, but Alas!  She succumbed at last.
 I was required to submit three medical claims which looked like a marathon task. 

I received all papers on the 13th April 2015. So I decided to finish it on the next Sunday, i.e., on April, 19th. But I was in a meeting on that day. So the next best day was chosen on the 26th April. Again I had some important work, so this work went on being procrastinated for more than one month altogether.
Once I was reading my article,” INCH BY INCH, ANYTHING IS A CINCH.” I decided to use this theory on the medical bills. I immediately opened the envelope, scanned the bills and segregated them hospital wise. I worked on them for half an hour. Next day, too, I spared around one hour to prepare the claims. Lo, the claims were ready for submission in mere three days.
We often procrastinate monotonous or tedious tasks for months and years altogether, but amazingly, we finish them soon after we start.
 Human beings are prone to forget. Therefore, I advocate reading good articles every day. Many devotees read religious books daily; they start re-reading them after coming to an end.
Start, therefore, inculcating good thoughts into healthy habits by repeatedly reading good articles every day from your lovely blog
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