Money is the biggest motivator; therefore, the rich as well as poor, hanker after it.
 A porter asks for money just after rendering service. A laborer asks for it at the end of the day. The service class asks for money at the end of the month. The entrepreneur puts all his investments and efforts at stake without getting anything for the months and years altogether, but when his project starts yielding money, he becomes millionaire or billionaire.
 Thomas Edison incessantly worked to invent incandescent lamp for many years; he put all his intelligence and all his time to research like a crazy without getting anything. Although he failed thousands of times, when he succeeded in 1879, he gave us not only a priceless and unique gift but also made his name immortal. As an icing on the cake, he also earned a formidable fortune from his inventions and patents.
 How long and on how many occasions can we work without payment? The more we develop our capability to toil without it, the more name, the more fame and the more money will kiss our feet.
Start acting just now and save as much as possible to develop the capability to work without money. The habit of savings works two ways; it reduces your needs as well as strengthens your financial muscles incredibly.

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