• Punishment is not for revenge, but to lessen crime and reform the criminal – Elizabeth Fry.

    Reward & Punishment are two tools by which the world is controlled. Even, the creator of the world and the epitome of kindness, the Almighty God made the hell and the heaven.
    I control many persons in the capacity of the Branch Manager. The provisions of Bipartite settlements and officers’ service regulations define the undesirable acts and likely punishment.  Those, who do their duties honestly and intelligently, are given promotion, appreciation, and recognition. So controlling staff members is cut and dried.
    But controlling my own mind is the Herculean task. I often repeat the same mistakes time and again. My repetitive mistakes make the situation utterly awkward and make me nervous, too.
    So I lightly pinch muscles of my left arm and emphatically repeat at least five times, what is to be done or not to be done. It also facilitates concentration during those seconds. It works well for me and drives my absent-mindedness away.
    Note: – When I am too much annoyed with myself, it becomes a sign of frustration. Then. I take deep breaths, drink water and take enough rest.
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