The following story immensely impressed me in 1982.
 Once two enthusiastic social workers called on a wealthy man to ask a big donation for building an ultra-modern hospital in America for the treatment of the downtrodden. The rich man was reading a book by lighting two bulbs. He switched off one bulb before starting his talk and explained,” We require less light for chatting.”The social workers’ hearts sank. They began to curse the moment they had decided to call on such a great miser. However, for the sake of etiquette, they hang on for a while.  In the meanwhile, one of them meekly revealed their real purpose of visit.
To the utter amazement of the visitors, the wealthy person handed over them a cheque of one million dollars. While accepting the grand donation, the visitors confessed how upset they were, when the wealthy man had switched off one bulb.
The elderly man lovingly retorted,” Sons, I have saved dimes by curtailing avoidable expenditure, that is why I have tons of money to donate to such a noble cause.” 
My great grandfather Rai Sahab Bhulawan Lal lived a simple life and practiced,” If it is necessary, make it short.” He saved enough and with the help of like-minded persons, founded Tirhut high school, Mehsi.

Let us kick out the vices such as smoking, drinking, Pan chewing, etc. These vices don’t only make holes in our pockets but also hit our health badly. Let’s also cut all avoidable expenditure and save enough so that we could live happily until death and could leave an impressive legacy afterward.

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