Is there any sure shot way to increase your effectiveness and popularity? Try remembering names and faces of the persons around you.

 The name of a person is very very dear to his heart. Recognizing his name and addressing him with proper regard may make him your great fan. Such persons will put tremendous efforts in your projects provided other incentives are equal.
 Name of any person can be remembered easily by association, concentration and repetition. Often we forget name of a person within seconds of the first introduction. Try this method to solve the problem.
When someone tells you his name, associate his name with the name of a person already known to you. Suppose I introduce my name Uttam to you. You may loudly share that the name of your one more friend is Uttam, if it is so. You may also recall famous late actor Uttam Kumar. If the name of your new friend is associated with the name of a known person, you will remember it easily. During further talks, please address me by my name and suffix/prefix a suitable word of regard such as Uttam Jee, Uttam Babu or Mr Uttam as per convention of your area.
Please don’t forget to address your friend by name whenever you see an old friend. Please also ask welfare of common old friends and talk with eye contacts to remember the face of your friend also.

These simple techniques will help you much in remembering names along with faces. 

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