Our Indian Penal Code consists of 511 sections. There are a plethora of other acts namely Indian Railways Act, IT Act, FEMA, etc. and etc. Breach of all these laws means a bailable or nonbailable offense.
One famous magazine once claimed,” You can’t find a bone in an egg’s yolk. But an agent of the CIA might be even there.
If one goes through all the acts enacted by our welfare government, he may find to his dismay that he has violated one law or the other.

To add insult to the injury, the Police can arrest a person even for a bailable offense, put handcuffs on his wrists and produce in a court by pulling with a big and thick rope; the court often sets him free by imposing a penalty of few hundred Rupees.
 If someone is arrested for a bailable offense, the Police Official is supposed to inform this fact to the detainee, but it rarely happens. The efforts are often made to impose some nonbailable sections also.
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