Our Indian Penal Code consists of a vast number of Cognizable Offenses where a Police Official can arrest a person without any warrant.
Even in bailable offenses, the Police puts handcuffs on a person’s wrist and produce in a court by pulling with a thick and big rope.

 Section 66A of IT Act is one more addition to draconian laws enacted by our democratic and welfare governments in our welfare state. Even the British in colonial rule did not pass such a large number of draconian laws.
 One SHO reportedly has powers to lodge FIR by becoming an informant himself and arrest the accused. It is said, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Obviously, the Police Officials cannot be an exception. Perhaps this unfettered power to arrest.” is a big reason that common citizens are very much apprehensive of the Police.
 The arrest of young Pal Ghar women in 2012, is sufficient to prove it. It is welcome that the Chief Justice of India showed his displeasure on the ugly episode and the Police Officials involved in the arrest were placed under suspension since there were large-scale protests against the arrest of innocent young women.
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