I often solved following kind of questions in my student life.

 A trader purchased a shirt for eighty rupees. What price tag will he put on the shirt to earn 25% profit after giving 50% discount?

Discount sales are often organized to bluff us. A large number of companies and shops offer discounts round the year to offload old goods. We often buy things prematurely and in bulk after getting caught in alluring discount sales.
 These purchases upset our budget.
A car salesman approaches a potential customer and informs him with urgency,” Sir, our car manufacturing company is giving massive discount this December. Don’t miss this great opportunity.” Many prospective customers jump on the bandwagon without giving a second thought.
  To take advantage of so-called discount sales, we often buy four trousers instead of one. This purchase upsets our whole month budget. 
Many times we visit a fixed price shop and discover that goods, being sold there, are cheaper than the cost offered in discount sales after giving a hefty discount.

Please ponder, which businessman will be so much benevolent to give actual huge discounts on his merchandise. If he does it in the real sense, will he survive financially?
 Don’t purchase even dirt cheap commodities in discount sales, if you don’t require it shortly, any money spent on a useless thing is a pure waste.

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