The Law of the Average formula is one of the biggest worry busters.
 I visited holy temples of Maa Chandi Devi & Maa Mansa Devi in Haridwar by flying cab, popularly called, ropeway. I started to enjoy the beautiful scenery below, but my wife was very too nervous to relish anything. I casually informed her, “Hundreds of ropeways are operational all over the world.” Then I asked, “How many ropeway accidents are reported in newspapers?”  She thought for a while and replied,” No accident was reported in last many years.” I asked her immediately,” Then why are you so nervous?” Her beautiful face beamed with a tension free smile in no time.
 The Law of average formula makes Insurance Companies earn big profits all over the world. They collect data regarding the average death from accidents or diseases. Then they price their products keeping sufficient margin. 
 They paint a gloomy picture of one’s family members after death, get huge business & make big profits. However, the insurance is the need of the hour. Everybody must be insured sufficiently. However, you must give full disclosures regarding your health & family members. Otherwise, insurance companies may reject death claim on the ground of concealment of vital information & may also forfeit the premium deposited.
If you are spending sleepless nights regarding an apprehension, please ask yourself,” What is the law of average regarding our anxiety to turn into reality? For example, if someone is reeling under the fear of diabetes death. Let him ask what is the total number of diabetics, and out of which how many die of diabetes. If our apprehension becomes real in one case out of 100000 cases, we are covering 0.00001% risk only & obviously there is no reason to spend sleepless nights. 
 One will be required to use the Law of Average formula repeatedly in the beginning. Gradually it will be inculcated in one’s subconscious mind, and then he will be busting his apprehensions automatically by asking the question,”What is the law of average regarding this anxiety?”

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