A great Super Star of Bollywood was reportedly sharing Dias with the veteran Mr. Sivaji Ganesan and Mr. Rajnikant in then Madras. The crowd was cold and indifferent.
When he rose to address, he expressed with reverence,” Shivaji Ganeshan is my elder brother, and Rajnikant is my younger brother. The hall at once reverberated with clapping.

I am appreciated for my oratory skills among AIPNBOA members of Muzaffarpur circle.
 Once I addressed a rally at Bank of India, Zonal Office. I felt as if the crowd was sleeping. I became discouraged and cut short my speech. My friend and Regional Secretary of BOI Officers’ Association, Ashok Kumar Thakur came to my rescue and started clapping. The crowd also followed.
I analyzed the fiasco and learned lessons.

Recently Balajee Hyundai Auto Pvt Ltd invited me on the eve of the launching of their new car “Xcent.” When the lady anchor asked me to address, I told them,” My younger brother is the proud owner of I-10. He always appreciates their helpful customer service.” I spoke for 5 minutes. When I finished, the small crowd clapped with full gusto.
 A speaker will not mind if he is kept hungry. But he feels severely starved without clappings.
While addressing a crowd at a new place, tell something genuine in appreciation of the area and the people residing there. Make people friendly and amiable towards you. You will be sailing smooth after that.

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