Lord Shrikrishna preached in holy Bhagwad Gita,” For one who remembers Me without deviation, I am easy to obtain.” He did not exhort to remember his name on mere Krishnashtmi or any other auspicious day. Lord urged to remember his name continuously and without any deviation.

Continuous practice is the secret of success in all fields. One must not only repeat, repeat and repeat but also practice, practice, and practice. If one aspires to inculcate a healthy habit, one must read it, repeat it and practice it. Benjamin Franklin used to choose one good habit and practiced it for one week. He picked another good activity in the next week and practiced the same for another week. He did so till that good habit became his reflex action.
Therefore if you like any article of our lovely blog “” Don’t be satisfied by mere reading it once. Save that creation in the bookmark to read and repeat it time and again. Make your password with initials of that article in combination with numerical and special characters. Repeat it time and again while doing the morning walk. Repeat it time and again while doing other chores.Don’t leave it unless and until it becomes part of your subconscious.
Thus anyone can achieve immense success and happiness.
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