When you receive your PAN, please register it immediately at; otherwise, your Chartered Accountant or Income Tax Advocate may register it on your behalf. 
 Presently the income tax department allows one mobile in 10(Ten) PANs. So unscrupulous persons are putting their own mobile number in their client’s PAN registration and keeping his password secret from their clients to force the clients to hire them for filing tax returns for which they are charging a good sum.

I faced similar problem. I needed my password for e-filing my income tax return. When I visited the site and tried to register my PAN there. I was informed that my PAN was already registered. I tried to recover my password by clicking on the “Forgot Password” Link. I was asked to reply answer of a secret question. I did not know the answer since my PAN was already registered  by someone else without my knowledge.(It is a travesty that anyone can register your PAN on the e-filing site by just giving information available on your PAN card. Now- a-days photo copy of PAN is required at many places.) I didn’t know even the e mail ID registered at that time. The e-filing site has peculiar rule that they will send you reset password at the e-mail ID registered with them. So I faced too much difficulty in resetting password. Finally to reset my pass word, I had to upload my digital signature which is a costly option.
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