Once I visited station master’s cabin at Mehsi Railway Station where a big poster was exhorting,” Satarkta gayee, durghatna huyee. (Accident happens as soon as the vVigilance departs),”
 I always advise my office colleagues to keep a close watch on me since  I may commit a fraud if my mind goes awry. I also tell them that often frauds are perpetrated by innocent looking unsuspecting fellows, so we must watch each other carefully and discreetly.
Track record of a man is also deceptive. Many honest looking persons with an excellent family background have committed frauds.The fraudsters first earn the confidence of their victim then dupe them.
Andrew Davidson in the Gargoyle said, “Accidents ambush the unsuspecting, often violently.”

   We must realize,” Accidents may come, uninvited, from any corner.” and remain always vigilant to keep ourselves safe.
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