Many times we refer the day of a particular date.  Make your brain a little nimble by using it to easily remember the calendar of three years. For doing this feat, remember monthly codes for the year 2017.
April & July 5.
January & October 6.
May 0.
August 1.
February, March, November 2.
June 3
September & December 4
Now if you want to know 8th, September 2017 is which date? Just add month code of September and the date i.e. 4 & 8. This comes 12. Now divide 12 by 7. The remainder is 5. So it is the 5th day of week i.e. Friday.
If you want to know the date of 8th September 2016 i.e. previous year. Subtract 1 from 5 which comes 4.  So it is the 4th day of week i.e. Thursday.
For knowing the date of 8th September 2018 i.e. next year add 1 to 5 which becomes 6. So it is the 7th day of week i.e. Thursday. 
Practice a little with current year’s calendar to become proficient. 

There is a scientific method for calculating month code of any year.  You may get it free by asking on

Stop searching calendars, diaries or mobiles to know the day of a particular date in 3 years. 
Exercise your brain and tell the day. It will not only impress your friends but also help in keeping your mind agile.

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