Once I read in a newspaper that a drunken beast attempted to rape his daughter, the villagers saved the victim after hearing her shouts. Later on,  the ill-fated girl and her mother lodged a FIR with the Police.
 Newspapers often report such incidents where close relatives or friends are involved in such heinous crimes. So, don’t leave your child alone with even a close relative.
Perpetrators of sexual assault on the children are often known to the child and trusted by his family

Everybody is not a rascal. None is out and out saint also. Both good and bad thoughts continuously flow in our mind. Even a good man may commit blunders if there is nobody to stop him. Moreover, such incidents are contagious like an epidemic. The small child does not understand what is right or wrong? He attempts to repeat nasty things with his juniors.
Since one can’t be present at every place to guard a small child; it will not be a bad idea to make him abreast of such threats. I hope child psychologists will take the challenge to design suitable strategies for this noble cause.

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