You can sharpen your memory by repetition, emphasis, sharing, and association.
Please recall your childhood days, the teacher used to instruct to repeat, repeat and repeat to remember your lessons.
The teacher not only taught to repeat your task, but he also exhorted you to repeat it emphatically and loudly. So if you want to remember something, repeat it time and again; repeat it loudly and forcefully. Sharing, your newly acquired knowledge with your chums, is also a kind of repetition.

Also, ensure to associate your newly acquired knowledge with some old facts already known to you. I was introduced to a bright fellow named Pravin Kumar, I told him that the name of my younger brother is also Pravin Kumar. I chatted with him for a short while. I addressed him by his name many times during our brief chat. I introduced him to my other friends by telling,” Meet Pravin Jee, a nice gentleman.”
Suppose you want to remember,” Muzaffarpur is famous for Litchis.” Imagine yourself roaming at Muzaffarpur Station; a dusty storm comes, and it starts to rain cats and dogs. But Litchis are pouring instead of water drops; hitting your head and face. 
Try to involve as many of your senses of viewing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling as possible.
Sharing facilitates repetition, and association helps concentration in peculiar ways.

 There are lots of suggestions in memory books to facilitate association. But ultimately your own imagination does the trick.

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