There is a short, interesting story about blackmail in Jeffrey Archer’s novel,” FIRST AMONG EQUALS.”
A stunningly beautiful call girl Mandy sent a blackmailing note to Mr. Raymond Gould, the MP & undersecretary, asking 500 pounds. Mr. Gould hired solicitor Sir Roger Pelham and paid him 500 pounds to get rid of the blackmailer.
The attorney’s logic was simple. If you pay the blackmailer beast, more ransom may be demanded sooner or later. Hence it is better to face the facts boldly and tell the blackmailer,” A firm and unequivocal No.”
Many times my friends approach me when they are fearful of certain impending blackmail. I calmly ask,” What is the worst thing that can happen to us?”  I allow the question to be absorbed for some time. If no reply comes, I repeat the question again and then explain,” The worst thing that can happen is that the cruel death will hit us and that is certain anyway then why are we so fearful? They get great relief often.

Blackmailers are nasty human beings. You can trust the deadly cobra but not the blackmailers.  I hear stories how did the king cobra spare a small child. During British rule, Shri Nehru lived in a jail which had many snakes but they never harmed him.
 One thing is certain about the deadly cobra that it will not harm you unless and until you put your foot absentmindedly on its body. But the devil’s offspring,  the blackmailer will not allow you to heave a sigh of relief until you can fulfill his lust. Therefore, face the facts boldly, report police, take legal help or do any legal thing to get rid of him.

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