A tiny piece of stone hit the right toe of my barefooted diabetic friend while visiting a prominent enormous temple in Ahmadabad. He got first aid and decided to get proper treatment in Muzaffarpur. Unfortunately his leg became infected in the mean time, and finally, he succumbed to the terrible infection after suffering for five months in a costly nursing home at Patna.

I am also a diabetic. My doctor Mr. Suman Kumar advised me always to wear good quality cotton socks and shoes, and he also warned that diabetics are prone to diabetes foot which is incurable till now.
 I also searched the internet and read innumerable articles about diabetes foot. I put some important points below for ready reference.
1. Don’t walk barefooted, even in your home.
2. Wear good quality comfortable socks and shoes in outings.
3. Wash your foot daily with warm water and dry them well.
4. Apply good quality foot cream.

4. Last but not the least; keep your blood sugar level in the normal range with doctor’s prescribed medicines, proper diet, and active exercises. 

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