The more specific and measurable your goal, the more quickly you will be able to identify, locate, create, and implement the use of the necessary resources for its achievement.

Charles J. Givens

One fine day, I received a phone call from a courier boy. The poor chap asked furiously,” Sir, where is your house in banker’s colony.” I boasted calmly,” I have been living there for 15 years. Ask my name from anybody.” He became much flustered, “None is outside. To whom shall I ask? Please tell me your house number.” I realized my mistake and said meekly, L-4.

Recently I called on my friend Manish Jee in Kolkata. He told me,” He lives in Shipping Corporation housing society.” I presumed this society must be big and famous. So I didn’t bother to ask Plot number etc. and boarded one taxi, assuming that the cab driver must be knowing it.
 We were searching Shipping Corporation housing society, near Park Circus, from the windows of the cab. The cab driver, too, was not able to locate it. Finally, I telephoned Manish Jee who came on the road to receive us; we discovered to our dismay that the cab was just 50 feet away from the Shipping Corporation housing society.
 Once I was reading a book on creative writing, the accomplished author exhorted to write explicitly e.g.Write,” Uttam was eating bread and butter.”  instead of writing ” He was eating.”  Being specific is an art. The more one practices, the more proficient he becomes. Be as much specific as possible. The more specific, the more excellent e.g. one may write,” Uttam was eating brown bread with Amul butter at 8 A.M. in my house” and so on.

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