I had deep sympathy for diabetics for their life becomes black and white. There is no color in life without sweet chocolates, yummy cakes, mouth watering Ras Madhuris & delicious desserts.
I loved sweets terribly from my childhood. Therefore, my heart broke when my pathologist told that my fasting sugar level was 140 i.e. 30 points above the normal level.  The Doctor advised me to strictly avoid all sweet things. To add insult to the injury, my sister in law advised me to avoid salt also.
So I started taking Roasted Gram Sattu with water without salt or sugar. First I cursed my fate, and then I chanted,” Jahi Vidhi Rakhe Ram, Tahi vidhi rahiye.”(Live happily, the way God keeps you) and started sipping the tasteless solution. Incidentally, I liked the natural taste of roasted gram.
On seeing my first love, the yummy sweets, I now console myself,” These sweets were dear to my heart once, but now they will take my life. Only a foolish will hug a friend turned foe, and only an idiot will pierce a sword made of pure gold into his stomach. So how sweet and yummy my life takers may be, I shall always abhor them like poison.
 I was taking Kachauris & pulses at a feast, my friend Chandan Kumar suggested me to take one piece of mutton. I took one small piece & exclaimed to myself.
Jitne bhee too karle Sitam,
Hans-hans ke sahenge Hum.
Sanam Teri Kasam. (We will keep laughing while bearing with your excesses, My darling.)

Slowly my tastes have changed, now I prefer sugarless tea to sweetened tea. If somebody gives me sweetened tea by mistake, I find it very difficult to sip it. I have lost interest in yummy sweets also.
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