Dear Lord, Lots of thanks, I am Alive today.
  Today is the Golden Opportunity to make my dreams real.
 Today I shall skilfully exploit all my resources (including fractions of time) with a sense of urgency & calm nerves to reach my goals.
 Today I shall contribute my best & put more efforts in all my endeavors.
 My presence today will mark a visible positive difference.
Today I shall take nothing for granted & work more diligently in a planned way with calm nerves.
Today I shall become a DO-IT-NOW person.
 Today I shall continue to march towards my short term, medium term & LIFE GOALS. 
I shall always maintain my composure today. I shall speak kind words & shower love, regard, affection & good will everywhere.

 I shall not restrict my creativity today by brooding on the past mishaps, future apprehensions or by involving in useless quarrels or pastimes nor shall I squander my mental energy by building castles in the air.  I shall use my mental energy today only for productive tasks and practice handling present opportunities only like a mighty bridge.

Dear God, You have high hopes from me today. I shall contribute my best to fulfill your expectations. My presence will mark a visible positive difference today. I shall march towards Excellent Achievements Today.
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