If we control our reactions in the short-term, we don’t have to live with the ‘reaction regret’ in the long term.
— Lysa Terkeurst.
I along with my family members visited Nainital in 2009. The boat ride in Nainital Lake was magnificent. Next day we left by car for Kaushani and Ranikhet. The whole journey was abundant with breathtaking scenery. After enjoying every second there for three days, we reached Kathgodam Railway Station for going to Goa.
 Unfortunately, I lost my temper with the kids on a trivial matter. That incident hurt my better half.Consequently, we couldn’t relish our first day in Goa.
I honestly confess that the tendency to overreact overpowers me sometimes even now. Therefore during vulnerable periods, I repeat the slogan “Under react.” “Under react.” continuously and forcefully while taking many long and deep breaths. This activity checks the overreaction in its womb and keeps my mental as well as physical health in excellent condition.
Although old habits are die hard, yet I appear to have mastered the art of under reaction. During my posting at Motihari, my colleague Anil Jee once remarked,” Send an angry man to Manager Sahab (me), the aggrieved speaks nonstop, and Manager Sahab will be looking at his face and listening silently. The poor fellow will calm down in no time.”

 I don’t only hear complaints of annoyed persons patiently while looking intently at their face but also invite them to sit down and get their legitimate work done at the earliest. The displeased leave my chamber with smiling faces and even become my well-wishers. 

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