I was with my elder son for ten days in Bangalore. We went to Pondicherry and enjoyed the clean and beautiful city. He took all cares of his mother and me.
I remembered his childhood days. How I used to punish him due to my frustrations and depressions earned in office. I was thinking with self-reproach,” Was it proper to punish a small child on a little pretext to ventilate frustrations of my workplace?”
In another incident, one of my close relatives called on us with his family members a few months ago. He has two beautiful sweet children. He was lovingly teasing them,” We will leave you at this place.” His two years old younger daughter was taking his teasings right. The poor girl was totally nervous, and she desperately hugged her mother tightly. I intervened finally and lovingly forbade him not to tease children.
At another place, a grown up was entertaining himself by abusing a small child. The child was retorting in the same language.
Is it proper to tease lovely children and give them psychological shocks just for the pastime? Is it proper to punish an innocent looking child on small pretexts because one is carrying loads of frustration, tiredness, and depression from his workplace?
 Is it not the greatest sin of this world?

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