A smart young man was searching a perfect bride; after making marathon efforts he found one, but alas, the poor chap was not a perfect groom in the girl’s eyes.
    Even Shri Ram, and Shri Krishna had weaknesses. Shri Ram killed Bali by hiding. Shri Krishna had to flee from a fight. Therefore he is lovingly called Ranchhor too.
Hitler was a charismatic personality, a great orator, hard working honest leader as well as a visionary. He led  Germany successfully in the great depression. He worked wholeheartedly for his country.
 Hitler had the capability of becoming a historic personality but his hatred, against Jews, gays, etc., caused large-scale genocide. He became responsible for killing 5.5 million Jews and many million others. So despite all his talents, he is branded the biggest villain in the world.
None is perfect. Let’s adjust and work with imperfect human beings.  Mahatma Gandhi fought freedom struggle successfully with illiterate masses. Shri Ram killed Ravan and captured Shri Lanka with the army of monkeys.

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