The powerful word ‘Diligent’  means hardworking as well as careful. Working hard like laborers is not enough. One is supposed to work hard carefully as well as intelligently.
Dr. Pandit Palande, the Vice Chancellor, Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University

Working diligently with an iron willpower appears to be a sole motto of  Dr. Pandit Palande, the vice chancellor of Bhim Rao Ambedkar Bihar University. 
He took charge of the university a few months ago. He starts working in the morning and works till late night. He works on Sundays and holidays also.
During his short tenure, he made surprise visits to many colleges and PG departments to improve education culture. He got vacated all the university hostels after receiving complaints about unsocial elements residing there clandestinely and allotted rooms to genuine and bonafide students.
 He is also very thorough in details. We, on behalf of our esteemed Punjab National Bank, were installing water coolers in 7 hostels under corporate social responsibility. Despite his busy schedule, he asked for the catalog of water coolers and discussed different models threadbare. 
Theories remain theories, as long as we don’t put them in practice. The leaders of society are practicing them and reaping stupendous results in different fields.
Jeromy Shingongo rightly said,” When you diligently do what you are good at, success will always come your way.”
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